JP Fontenelle

João Pedro (JP) Fontenelle, PhD

Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Toronto

I am currently a Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto (CA) working with population and landscape genetics of cyclic irruptive species. I am interested on how spatial and temporal eco-evolutionary dynamics affect micro- and macroevolution. I am also interested in the evolutionary mechanisms involved in diversification, distribution patterns, and adaptation. Moreover, I am interested in identifying genetic and genomic patterns of ecological and evolutionary differentiation, also focusing in phylogeography and biogeography, with emphasis in Neotropical fish groups. Lastly, I am an open science and open source software enthusiast, hoping to help make science more reproductible and accessible.

Institute of Forestry and Conservation
University of Toronto
33 Willcocks St.
Toronto/ON, Canada, M5S 3E8

Here you can find my latest publications and news about my research.